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Why Choose Garderie Montreal Ouest

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What parents have to say

This is a place with love and you could 100% trust. When parents look for a day care, facility, distance, food etc.. are very important, however I would say the educators/management is the priority. Elisa and the team are very professional and super friendly. Every day when you walk in, you could feel the warmth and happiness. The staff treat my kids like their own and thanks to their efforts, I could tell the strong connections between my kids and their educators and also the obvious development. Great place and great people! Highly recommended.

Paul Wong

Excellent daycare. A right mix of creative programs, education, fun activities and lots of love and care. Endearing educators who took good care of our child. A special shout out to Elisa and her team composed of Dina, Harpreet, Zara and Renu all of whom work as a team to provide outstanding care and support. Thank you all for the love, care and education bestowed upon our little angel. Relocation forces us to change the garderie else would have never moved our child from here. Highly recommended.

Gurjeet Warya

My son loves going to the daycare! We definitely have friends for life from here. The food is amazing, once my son told me that he doesn't want the food that I ordered for him, but he wants real food like in his daycare! The educators are wonderful, we went 'cold turkey' with the potty training (no pull-ups, just dealing with the puddle and saying that next time he should go to the potty) and they were super supportive, and he was potty trained in no time! My son didn't know how to jump at almost 3y/o. I asked the daycare to work with him around this and now he jumps with no fear! I could go on and on with more examples but the most important thing is that the people that will take care of your kid are willing to hear you as a parent and they will make everything to make sure that you and your child are happy!

Karina Wolf