CURRICULUM: Here at Garderie Montreal Ouest, we pride ourselves in providing your children with an engaging bilingual curriculum with weekly themes in which our educators implement with music, literature, and crafts in order for children to develop a basic understanding of the topic at hand. Our educators develop a weekly lesson plan catered to their age group in order to allow the children to learn according to their right stage of development.

NURSERY (0-18M): Love and care is what our educators prioritize in our nursery. Every baby is a miracle and every baby has different needs in which our educators tend to. A service in which we continue to implement your routine at home is what we strive to do.
We focus on gross motor development such as crawling, walking, sitting, rolling, in addition to exposing the infants to the 5 human senses as this is the first step in learning and discovering the world around them. Our educators have the necessary skills to provide your baby with the best quality care all while adapting to you and your child’s requirements.


TODDLER (18M +): Our toddler class gives your children an introduction to being autonomous and independent. Our educators encourage and show children how to wash their hands before and after a meal as well as how to feed themselves. Additionally, our educators promote the children’s imagination so that they can learn from the environment that surrounds them. They learn how to socialize and how to play with each other as well as how to solve their conflicts.
Our educators implement “freedom of expression” when it comes the children’s creativity. Painting and coloring are some examples of activities in which our educators teach children about color and as well as how to hold a paint brush or crayon in order to develop fine motor skills.


JR. PRE-K (3-4 YEARS): The objective of our educators in our Junior Pre-Kindergarten classroom is to give the children a basic understanding of their academics such as colors, shapes, letters and numbers all while exploring their sense of creativity in addition educational activities that include literature and cognitive development. Furthermore, the development of fine motor skills such as tracing and cutting are more focused on in depth. Learning how to properly hold a pencil and a pair of scissors can be a very challenging task for children but our dedicated educators are determined provide your children with the basic and fundamental tools they need in order to prepare them for our Pre-Kindergarten Program.


PRE-KINDERGARTEN (4-5 YEARS): With much attention given to the introduction of the alphabet, basic mathematics, as well as the concept of time, our Pre-Kindergarten classroom is designed to prepare your children for the next chapter of their education journey: KINDERGARTEN. Our educator is a certified school teacher whose goal is to challenge your children in critical thinking and to use team work as a means of learning. Our educator focuses on the French language as most children will be going to a French school. Educational objectives include: Learning Goals, Music, Literature Development, Mathematics and Science Exploration, in addition to Arts and Crafts.


Mother’s Day Tea: The Bistro and covered galleries are set up to welcome all of our deserving Mommies. Each child can enjoy iced tea, goodies and a special surprise with their mom!

Library Day: Our Jr. Pre-Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten classroom enjoy library day and listening to children’s stories once a week at the Montreal-Ouest Public Library.

Science Day: Every Wednesday, our educators prepare a special science day activity catered to your children’s age group.

Carnival Day: Every summer, we organize a fun Carnival day with a blow-up bouncy castle, face painting, and so much more!!!

Santa Clause: Santa Clause comes and surprises the children with gifts every year around the Holidays!

Yoga and Zumba: Offered once a week, our yoga and zumba teacher comes in to get the kids moving!

Teacher Appreciation Week: A week where we show a teacher everyday how much she’s appreciated by giving her an extended break, giving her a gift card.

What parents have to say

Great daycare! Amazing, caring, dedicated teachers and also bilingual. The place is clean and serves very good food, my son loved it there. Very well managed by a super professional manager. Totally recommend it!

Michael Cohen